OR condition within range-criterion of COUNTIFS


I want to get the count, where Workstreams columns is one of "Overarching", "Others","Cross-Topics" and status is "active", DEEP - DIVE:slid 1 Users is "int", DEEP - DIVE:slid 1 -Biz/Tech is "Business" and DEEP - DIVE:slid 1 FTE is "hired" . I am getting stuck with the first condition, of using OR in the first range-criterion.

=COUNTIFS({Workstreams}, "Overarching", {DEEP - DIVE:slid 1 -Status}, "active", {DEEP - DIVE:slid 1 Users}, "int", {DEEP - DIVE:slid 1 -Biz/Tech}, "Business", {DEEP - DIVE:slid 1 FTE}, "4. Int (hired)")

Please find the screenshot



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