Formulas are working in the grid but not on the cross reference

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Has anyone had this issue before? I'm using a formula to extract the created time from the system generated crated time stamp using the formula below.

=RIGHT(Created@row, FIND(" ", Created@row, 1) - 1)

The time stamp is working well in the sheet but is adding a comma to the output when I try to cross reference it in another grid. Is there a better formula I should be using or another way to get timestamps to help determine peak hours throughout the day?



  • SJ Sellers
    SJ Sellers ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Warren123

    Very strange - I tried this myself and was able to get the correct result when cross-referencing it in another grid.

    How is your time column formatted? What Formula are you using when you are inserting the reference? (for context, I used MAX and then inserted the reference which resulted in the attached screenshot.

    As a side note, you could also capture the time using: =RIGHT(Created@row, 8)

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