I've been getting an #INVALID OPERATION Error for the last several hours. The error was coming up in a different formula in a different column (that was also attempting to multiply a number times the Tax Rate), and as I stripped out criteria, it became apparent that Tax Rate is causing the error. Below is a simplified formula, to try to understand what is causing the error.

Test & Tax Rate are both "Text/Number" column types.

Using the same formula, but replacing [Tax Rate]@row with .05, returns the correct answer (5)... =100 * .05

Has anyone ever got this same error when referencing data in a column populated by DataMesh? I think that has happened to me before (and the next day, when I opened the sheet again, the error was gone) and the interesting thing is that the range (column) in the INDEX(MATCH) formula that's returning the .05 in the example below... is populated by DataMesh.

Tax Rate formula: =INDEX({Sheet 2_Tax Rate}, MATCH(County@row, {Sheet 2_County}, 0))

I have wasted so much time on this - I am losing my mind! I certainly appreciate any help anyone can offer!


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