How can I compare two lists for overlap?

Andrew G.
Andrew G.
edited 04/27/22 in Formulas and Functions


I'm trying to compare the values in two multi-selection dropdown lists to see if there's any overlap. Say both of them have options (a, b, c, d, e), and List 1 contains (b, c) and List 2 contains (c, d). Is there a way to return True because they both contain (c)?

The larger goal is using this to add a contact to specific cells to limit views in DynamicView to users that have overlaps with each other.


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Here's what I came up with. You'd need to create a formula column for each of the multi-select dropdown choices. For example to find C:

    The formula would be:

    =IF(CONTAINS("c", ABCDE@row), true, false)

    You can hide the formula columns once you have them built out and doing what you need.

  • Andrew G.

    Hi Matt,

    That worked great. I've implemented it and it solved the problem.

    Thanks bunches!

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