Changing the default Timeline Display for Gantt Charts?

Hi there,

Is it possible to change the default Timeline Display options for Gantt Charts (whether in Sheets or Reports, or ideally differently for each) such that when a new user views them for the first time they see the settings that the author intended?

Right now, if I set these options for my own view of Gantt Charts and then someone else opens that Report, they will not be using the settings that I chose.

These are the settings I'm referring to:

It'd be great if this Project Settings → Timeline Display dialog had a checkbox to "Make these settings the default for all users".

BTW, I'm a Smartsheetgov user; not sure if these behave differently in gov than in commercial.


Jamie Bedford


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Jamie Bedford ,

    At the moment, in the commercial version of Smarsheet, there is no way to push a default timeline display for all users. You can find more information about this here. In my own testing, I was able to get new users shared to the sheet to view the project with the same timeline display that was configured at that time by the person who shared it (the sheet owner in my case). This could be useful for users with Editor and Viewer permissions. Admins, however, will still have the ability to cofigure their own timeline display (which won't affect that one of any other user). 

    As this article mentions, Smartsheet and Gov offer the same level of core functionality and, therefore, I wouldn't expect this behavior to be different in Smartsheet Government. However, since I do not have access to Smartsheet Gov, you may want to open a support ticket via this form if you wish to obtain confirmation of this. 

    Regarding your request to possibly implement the ability to push a default view for all project users, when you have a moment, please let our Product team know about your feedback by filling in this form, here. Thank you!