Can I put a max on a sign-up time slot on a form?

I am creating a sign-up sheet and am providing 3 signup times for people to choose from. I need each sign-up time to have a max of 15 people who can choose this time, is this possible? If so, how?


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    Here's the dilemma. Forms in SmartSheet can only have fillable fields in them. So you can set up a Form to gather a timeslot from someone who fills out the form but any formula on the sheet which calculates the total number of slots in a timeslot as being taken cannot be displayed in the Form.

    So you'll need a premium app such as Dynamic View and have them fill out a timeslot request within Dynamic View so you can display to them how many timeslots are currently taken.

    Without Dynamic View, you'll have to setup a Form and formulas to calculate how many timeslots are taken and whether their choice is available or not. Then setup an automation to email them whether their timeslot choice was available or if they'll need to choose again.

    Example sheet:

    Timeslot count formula:

    =COUNTIF([Timeslot Choice]:[Timeslot Choice], ="10 AM")

    Timeslot available formula:

    =IF([10AM Slot Count]@row <= 15, true, false)

    Example automation for timeslot available:

    You'll need to setup an automation for each timeslot for whether it's available or not available. In my example sheet, the first 15 people who chose 10AM would have received the automation that their timeslot choice was available but the last person would not and would have received a notification telling them to select a new choice. Make sure the Attendee Name is a contact field (not the primary column as in my example sheet) that way you'll be able to use it in an Alert action workflow.

  • can you do this for multiple dates? I have the same issue but 14 time slots with a limit of 5 people on each slot each day

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