Dropdown Multi Select Countifs - how to count when more than one drop down present?

I'm trying to use a countifs in order to create a summary of something that uses a value from one column (that has a single select dropdown) as a qualifier to count the row IF another column has a specific value, "dropdownvalue_2".

The issue I'm running into is that when I have more than one value in the multi-select column and as a result, it doesn't find a match because there are two values in there (one or more selections from the dropdown). In order for this to count properly, it has to contain "dropdownvalue_2" and I don't care if it also has other values such as "dropdownvalue_1" and "dropdownvalue_3".

=COUNTIFS([first_column]:[first_column], "status", [second_column]:[second_column], "dropdownvalue_2")

Any ideas on how to solve this?


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