Another Countifs

Hi, I have this formula and

it is unparseable. I tried to follow the format in the Countifs example. Ideas?


  • Christian Graf
    Christian Graf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @Claire Kadlecek

    I believe you are using an outside range incorrectly.

    Ranges outside the sheet are surrounded by {range}.

    The internal columns are designated by [column]:[column].

    I'm not sure you can use AND() like that in a COUNTIFS(). So, let's just expand that into two ranges and criteria.

    If you are trying to capture text data in a cell it has to be surrounded by quotes, like "data".

    Try this instead:

    =COUNTIFS({Customer Enablement 2022 Team Plan Range 1}, "Complete", {Customer Enablement 2022 Team Plan Range 2}, "Complete")

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