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I have remote workers who visit different customers across the US. I have a form which I use to collect various data points surrounding their time, travel, visit details, repair details, etc.

One piece of data we collect is the customer info (name, address, city, state), for which we use Match Index. When filling out our form, our traveling workers are prompted to put in the customer number, which then the Match Index formula populates the appropriate cells. The challenge is our traveling workers need to have that customer number handy to complete the form, but to look up the customer number, they need to be on the VPN. This is not always possible and time consuming.

If I load our list in a different sheet, is there a way to create a "look up" tool using dropdown filters that would check that master list form and as they narrow the search field they end up with the customer number without doing it in the form with logic because that might get quite daunting? For example:

State: drop down with list of states, they pick one, then

City: drop down with list of cities in that state, they pick one, then

Address: drop down with list of addresses within that state, they pick one, then

Result: Customer Number


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