Automated copying using Workflow's "is Today" does not work


Hello everyone,

I've been working on a project that requires automation based on conditions and criteria. So far, with the workflows I have created and tested, expectations were met.

Until I used the "is Today" for a condition of a workflow.

The expectation is to copy a row to another sheet if the following conditions are met:

  1. Primary Column contains "foobar"
  2. Column5 (set as a date column) is the current date.

The Workflow is, as follows:

With the hourly test that I've conducted, it seems that it doesn't copy the row when the conditions are satisfied.

Here's the view of the other sheet:

I have used a checkbox column if the logic applied on the workflow is correct and it did copy - row with "true" value shows it.

I need some help if I'm missing something or if I use "is Today" wrongly.

Should it matter, local time is set on my personal account.


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