Latest Brand Collective Podcast Episode: Getty Images x Reya Sehgal

Amber Blodgett
Amber Blodgett Employee Admin
edited 05/08/24 in Brandfolder

Our podcast team recently had the pleasure to chat with Reya Sehgal, manager of creative insights at Getty Images. Reya works as a bridge between creative content creation and consumers to ensure that the images we’re seeing on a daily basis align with what’s going on in broader society. In this episode, we learn about the evolution of the creative insights role and how Reya’s work is arguably more important today than ever before. Reya’s deep knowledge of today’s society and culture paired with her love of art makes for an incredibly insightful conversation. If you’re looking to become more invested in your organization’s DEI initiatives, this episode will arm you with the tools and conversations to do so!

Click the link below to listen in👂️. Have any insights or takeaways you want to share with the group? Drop them below in the comments!