Displaying Payments on a date with Calendar view ?

I have 4 columns with Payment and 4 with date I want to associate these payments on a calendar.

Like this is going to be my format.


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    Hi Karan,

    You might have to rethink how you are structuring your sheet. As the primary column row is what shows up as an event on the calendar and can only be associated with a single date or date range.

    If you can structure each payment type into a single row you could then display each date on the calendar with the information you desire. Even more fun, You could create a sheet for each client and then use a report to show all clients on a single calendar.

    Hope this helps.







  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Karan Buga

    I agree with Brad - the Calendar View in a sheet takes one set of dates (either a Start and End date in the row or just one date column) and the Primary column to create the view.

    If you have multiple dates in the same row, you'll need to either break out those dates down multiple rows or create multiple Reports off of this one sheet to show your different columns. You could have 4 Reports - one per date column - and then embed all of these in a Dashboard, however your Payment would be hidden behind the Primary Column text (you'd have to click on the event to see more).

    See: Calendar View



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