INDEX COLLECT getting "incorrect argument set" error


I am trying to pull one value from an archive sheet (source sheet) "MATCHID" when that value corresponds in the source sheet to the Candidate Name and Faculty Name listed in the target sheet.

=INDEX(COLLECT({MATCHID Archive}, {Faculty Name Archive}, [Faculty Name]@row, {Candidate Name Archive}, [Candidate Name]@row, 1))

Where {MATCHID Archive} is the single column of MATCHID in the archive sheet, {Faculty Name Archive} is the single column of Faculty Name in the archive sheet, and {Candidate Name Archive} is the single column of Candidate Name in the archive sheet. I have triple-checked the references; they are all a single column in the archive sheet corresponding to the relevant data.

Any ideas of where this is going wrong?

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  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 05/18/22 Answer ✓

    @Robin Sugiura

    This works for me:

    =INDEX(COLLECT({MATCHID Column Sheet 1}, {Faculty Name Column Sheet 1}, [Faculty Name]@row, {Candidate Name Column Sheet 1}, [Candidate Name]@row), 1)

    You needed an ) after [Candidate Name]@row and then just a single ) at the end.


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