Clickable Link in Metric Widget on Dashboard

Hello! I have a metric widget on a dashboard fills from a cells in a sheet - one call is where we copy & paste an important link into. Currently, the dashboard / widget only displays the text and it is not a clickable link. Is there a way to format the cell, widget, or otherwise to allow this line item to be a clickable link?

Futhermore, we often PDF the dashboard to provide to project teams who do not have smartsheet access - is there a way for the link to also be clickable in the PDF of the dashboard?

Thank you

Screenshot included - the information in the Orange is what I would like to be clickable.


  • Mike TV
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    Metric type widgets allow you to set a Widget Behavior like so:

    So as long as it is indeed a Metric Widget, you should be able to change it. For the second problem, when on the dashboard you can go to the File menu and then to Publish and make it so others should be able to get to it. When you turn Read-Only on, you get this window:

  • Thanks! I would need the link to be what is put into the source document automatically, which will change with each project. Therefore, manually inputting a URL into the widget settings wouldn't quite work for what I'm looking for. However, I realized that if I made the font a little bit smaller, the full URL is visible in the PDF of the dashboard so those users can click on it, which was the greater issue.

    For additional context, the link is not a Smartsheet item, but instead a document repository set up specifically for the project in question. Since we (the project management team) have access to the source data sheet of the widget, it's easy enough for us to click the link from there -- but I really wanted our non-Smartsheet user team members to be able to access the link in the PDF of the Dashboard that we provide to them -- so I think I got it resolved for what I need.

    Thanks again for your help!