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Hi there,

I always get hung up on the HAS formula.

I am trying to pull data for a dashboard in a separate dashboard data sheet so I am referencing another sheet, let's call it "Supplier Data" and I want to count the number of times the Category column says "3 - Duplicate" and the BU column (multi-select) has a specific group, let's say "IT"

So =COUNTIFS({Category}, "3 - Duplicate", {BU}, HAS({BU}, "IT"))

What did I do wrong above?

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  • Mary Royston
    Mary Royston ✭✭✭
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    Hey @Emily McNeeley

    I believe you almost got it! When using Has, you don't have to put the range in again, since you want to search if each specific cell has the value "IT", you would use @cell instead.

    So it would be=COUNTIFS({Category}, "3 - Duplicate", {BU}, HAS(@cell, "IT"))

    Try that and see if it works for you :)


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