COUNTIFS Referencing 3 sheets with two Criteria

I'm struggling with this one and could really use some help from the Smartsheet formula geniuses!

On my metrics sheet for a team dashboard, I am trying to pull a count of items that are labeled with the priority level listed at the row and do NOT have a status of "complete".

Below is my attempt and getting an error message of "Invalid Ref"

=COUNTIFS({SHEET1 Range 2}, Title@row, {SHEET1 Range 3}, "Complete" /0) + COUNTIFS({SHEET2 Range 2}, Title@row, {SHEET2 Range 3}, "Complete", /0) + COUNTIFS({SHEET3 Range 2}, Title@row, {SHEET3 Range 3}, "Complete", /0)

Am I close? Please help!

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