Multi Select Column Stacked Bar Graph Formula


I am having trouble finding the correct formula to add a specific combination of multiselect selections that are entered in a row. For example, I want to count all instances of options a & b in a column. Also, in the same formula reference the status.

Below is the formula we are using to count this with one selection, but how do we add multiple selections?

=COUNTIFS($Department1:Department19, "Downstream CAM", $Status1:Status19, "Not Started")



  • Aaron Manley
    Aaron Manley Overachievers

    Try adding an OR statement in your COUNTIFS function. Below is an example if you wanted to find all not started, as well as started.

    =COUNTIFS($Department1:Department19, "Downstream CAM", $Status1:Status19, OR(@cell = "Not Started", @cell = "Started"))

  • Thanks! That worked! If I want to add Upstream CAM + Downstream CAM as a department selection, would I still use OR or another function to count them both? I tried, but I may have entered it incorrectly.


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