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I am having trouble finding the correct formula to add a specific combination of multiselect selections that are entered in a row. For example, I want to count all instances of options a & b in a column. Also, in the same formula reference the status.

Below is the formula we are using to count this with one selection, but how do we add multiple selections?

=COUNTIFS($Department1:Department19, "Downstream CAM", $Status1:Status19, "Not Started")



  • Aaron Manley
    Aaron Manley Overachievers Alumni

    Try adding an OR statement in your COUNTIFS function. Below is an example if you wanted to find all not started, as well as started.

    =COUNTIFS($Department1:Department19, "Downstream CAM", $Status1:Status19, OR(@cell = "Not Started", @cell = "Started"))

  • LaMonya

    Thanks! That worked! If I want to add Upstream CAM + Downstream CAM as a department selection, would I still use OR or another function to count them both? I tried, but I may have entered it incorrectly.


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