Can a form field require a specific number of digits to be entered

Is there a way (similar to Excel data validation) to require seven digits to be entered into a forms field?

Each individual completing the form has a unique ID number which is seven digits long. Currently the first three or four number of the ID number are zeros. Each time an activity is completed the individual completes the form which requires their ID number. Individuals can enter an activity as little as one time a month up to several times all depending on the number of activities they complete. The ID number is in a calculation to provide a the total number of individuals who have completed an activity during the month, not the total number of activities completed during the month.

An issue is occurring where individuals do not always enter the correct number of digits and leave a 0 off which then is counted as a different ID number when using =COUNT(DISTINCT(COLLECT())

Thank you in advance for your response.

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