How To: Formula to count if Today() falls between two dates?

I am trying to calculate the count of approved entries for shrinkage based on out of office request. There may be other things needed.

Range 1 is "Start Date"

Range 2 is "End Date"

Range 1 and 2 are "Date" fields

=COUNTIFS({Intrusion Non Pre-Approved Attendance Range 1}, >=TODAY(), {Intrusion Non Pre-Approved Attendance Range 2}, <=TODAY())

I use "Today()" function for todays date; If the leave request Start and End are the same day is can get the count just fine. If the start date is 5/28/2022 and end date is 6/15/2022 I get 0 for a count. In the example below I have 2 entries but only 1 count.

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