Status circle and IF function based on dates


Not sure if this can even be done, didn't find a clear answer in a search.

I want a status column that automatically chooses the colored circle based on the dates of "Potential Start" column already set up.

I want it to show the Green light if the P.S. date is more than a week out

Yellow if it is less than a week but still in the future,

Red if it is today or in the past

I tried this: =IF(Potential Start@row < TODAY(), "Red", IF(Potential Start@row < TODAY(+7), "Yellow",["Green"]) and it doesn't do anything, have tried a few other combinations as well with no luck - maybe can't be used with the symbols, or the formula is messy (I'm not great with IF functions)

Might be a simple answer, would appreciate some assistance!

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