How to link totals of parts



I have a question on a formula I am not being able to work out.

I have 2 sheets (Screen shots attached):

Sheet #1 has PO Stock Material and is linked to sheet that have material usage. This sheet shows me for each PO how much was order and what I have left.

Sheet #2 is Total Material Stock. On this sheet I want to show the total stock left and what was used per part #.

The question is how to work this formula. We have the same part number on several POs. So what I want the Total material stock to show is the total of each part taking into account the finish and the length, since some parts have different finish or length

. Please help me out with this one.

Thanks a lot



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 06/08/22

    Hi @NicoCabrera85

    What about using a Report instead of a Sheet? You can filter out the blank Parent rows and then Group by a unique value (perhaps the "item" column?) and SUM the Total column to find out how much is left.

    If a Report won't work for you, then the second sheet will need to have an identifier for each row so the formula can bring back data from your other sheet (again, perhaps the "item" column if it's unique to that part). Let me know if this makes sense!



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