Formula the compares date columns and inputs a value representing the comparrison

Good Morning - I am working on a performance dashboard for my intern but I have run into a snag with the performance comparison of due date to actually delivery. The goal is to be able to graph the performance. (screen shot below)

I am using two columns, Due Date and Date Completed. Date Completed is auto populated when the Done box is checked. In the Late, OnTime, Early column, I would like to populate the appropriate response based on a comparison of the two date columns.

I attempted to use and IF(AND) formula but the results continue to come back as "Incorrect Statement". I then focused on an If formula on the second record and it also continues to reflect as "Incorrect Statement".

=IF([Due Date]@row, <[Date Completed]@row, "Late", "")

Tips on handling this scenario? Am I tackling it the right way?


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