Creating workflows with IF Statements

I have created a bunch of workflows that are having issues when they are triggered more than once. I am new to IF statements and have avoided them, hence the workflows, but I think IF statements will be a more reliable way to go?

See attached workflow I created with attached sheet.

As you will notice, when "3 way call partner" is blank, then column "NA6 - Select 3 way call partner" should have the selection "-Select 3 way call partner" but it is showing "COMPLETED! -Select 3 way call partner". That's because I already ran the workflow, which worked fine, but then when I clear the cells and tried to trigger it again, it doesn't clear the NA6 column result. I think IF statements, instead of workflows, will correct this?

If so, can someone please write out how I would set up this IF statement to operate the same way as the workflow? I can write basic IF statements but then get lost when trying to implement conditions/filters.

When setting this up, is it best to set up the formula in a hidden column? And then have a visible column that shows the result of the hidden one? It will be a column formula.


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    Under column "NA6 - Select 3 way call partner"

    =IF( [3 way call partner]='',"-Select 3 way call partner", "X")

    where x is the value if you want it to show something else, if not can be left blank

    no helper column is needed


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