Looking for help with this formula.

=IF(AND(C4="Freeway/Interstate",C2="Major Residential"),"325"),IF(AND(C4="Freeway/Interstate",C2="Commercial"),"132"),IF(AND(C4="Arterial/Collector Street",C2="Major Residential"),"75"),IF(And(C4="Arterial/Collector Street",C2="Commercial"),"50"))

Should translate as:

If C4 = "Freeway/Interstate" AND C2 = "Major Residential" then C9 will be 325

If C4 = "Freeway/Interstate" AND C2 = "Commercial" then C9 will be 132

If C4 = "Arterial/Collector Street" AND C2 = "Major Residential" then C9 = 75

If C4 = "Arterial/Collector Street" AND C2 = "Commercial" then C9 = 50

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    L_123 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    =IF(AND(C4="Freeway/Interstate",C2="Major Residential"),"325",IF(AND(C4="Freeway/Interstate",C2="Commercial"),"132",IF(AND(C4="Arterial/Collector Street",C2="Major Residential"),"75",IF(And(C4="Arterial/Collector Street",C2="Commercial"),"50"

    Some parenthesis issues, namely all the if statements were concluded early except the last one.

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