Index-Match Not bringing in correct results

I used the Index-Match formula to bring data from one SmartSheet into another tracking SmartSheet. In the destination SmartSheet, I labelled all the columns exactly the same name as the source SmartSheet. In the primary column, I linked the primary column from the source SmartSheet. Then for each column, I used Index-Match to bring in that data corresponding to each primary column cell data. When using Index, I selected the entire column from the source SmartSheet where I need to Index. For the Match part of the equation, I selected the cell in the destination SmartSheet to match, then selected the entire primary column in the source SmartSheet. When I copied the formula down to the last row of data, the last few rows did not bring over the correct data. There were blank cells in the source data, but in the destination cells, other data was brought in. Any thoughts on why this happened? Here's an example of the formula I used:

=INDEX({Clarity Program Tracking Range 5}, MATCH([Process Name]@row, {Clarity Program Tracking Range 1}))


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    Hi @Darron Padilla

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    Try something like this.

    INDEX({Clarity Program Tracking Range 5}, 
    MATCH([Process Name]@row, {Clarity Program Tracking Range 1},0)

    Did that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • That worked! And it looks like it allows me to make changes in the destination SmartSheet and it updates the source sheet, correct?

  • I'm looking to create my destination sheet as a smaller version of the source sheet, but adding additional columns for tracking activities not included in the source sheet. That's my goal. I tried a report, which allowed me to update from the report and it update to the source sheet, but does not allow me to add additional columns for tracking. Any best practices around that? I guess another workaround could be creating just a separate tracking sheet and than adding that to the report.

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