How to count cells that contains certain letter



I have seen different topics how to set up a formula that counts all the cells that contains a certain word, but those formulas does not work when there is one letter next to a number. There will be a day when there would be up to 50 rows with ' D12; N12; D5; D7; N9' and so on in each cell. I want to set up a cell that counts total D's and N's no matter whats the number next to it:

The only formula that works for me right now is:

=COUNTIF([01-Sep]4:[01-Sep]5, "D12")

but it would be long one since I would have to set up for each number (D1; D2; D3 .... up to D17). Wanted to ask you if there is way easier formula for this?

Many thanks!


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