Cross Sheet SUMIFS

I am new to formulas and I am struggling with how to accomplish what I want to do. Any assistance would be much appreciated!

I have a sheet where I log invoices as they come in(Detail sheet), I want to be able to track the total of my invoices by peried and by the account number I budgeted them Against. This is what my detail sheet looks like

I built a summary sheet to roll the invoices up so I can compare to my budget.

Below is what my summary sheet looks like, I have created a cross sheet formula to sum the amount from my detail sheet if the Period matches the period in my column but now I want to add another condition to select only records in the detail sheet where the Account = the Category in my summary sheet. Is Sumifs the way to accomplish this? I am new to formulas so I have been struggling to to figure out the syntax of the formula or if perhaps I should be doing something else. Any suggrestions?

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