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I have a sheet that collects information about quality control scores. I have a column "Total Points" that I am looking to average; however, I am trying to use two different columns to base the average off of "Region" and "Quarter" so basically if the region= Southeast and the quarter =Q1 I want to get an average of Total Points. I know there is no averageifs so I am trying to use AVG(Collect) but I keep getting a #Divide by Zero error.

This is my formula: =AVG(COLLECT([Total Points]:[Total Points], Region:Region, ="Southeast", Quarter:Quarter, ="Q1"))



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Christopher Pretty

    Your syntax appears correct, which indicates something is going on with your filtered data. A screenshot would be helpful if possible. As a quick suggestion I suggest you revise to the following. If this still gives you the error, as a temporary troubleshooting measure, begin eliminating the criteria (and range) from your formula one by one.

    =AVG(COLLECT([Total Points]:[Total Points], Total Points]:[Total Points], ISNUMBER(@cell), Region:Region, ="Southeast", Quarter:Quarter, ="Q1"))


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