Vlookup for a partial name or display name of a max collect/min collect


Can i do a partial vlookup of a name? Specifically, i have an equipment list but the equipment is varied across each project. So instead of matching the entire name, can i do a partial lookup? For example, i want to look up when our latest switchgear is going to arrive. Also, when our latest panelboard is going to arrive? But i just want to search for "switchgear" or "panelboard", not the entire name.

If that is not possible, mabye an alternative method could work. My current formula is able to output my earliest and latest equipment arrival dates. This is helpful, but i'd like to see what the name of the equipment it is that it is selecting.

Thank you!

=MIN(COLLECT({Electrical Equipment Tracker Range 1}, {Electrical Equipment Tracker Range 2}, [Location ID]@row))


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