Smartsheet Community Team: Meet Arsineh 👋🏻

Arsineh Employee Admin
edited 06/14/22 in Show & Tell

Hi, I'm Arsineh! I lead the Community team at Smartsheet.

  1. I've spent the last 14 years helping companies build communities and deliver a better experience for their members - I'm thrilled to have found my home here at Smartsheet!
  2. I grew up in the San Francisco/ Bay Area and currently live in Southern California.
  3. I enjoy traveling and have visited 29 countries - Lima, Yerevan and Taipei are among my favorites.
  4. I believe in leaving your comfort zone and doing the things that scare you so I went sky diving and joined Toastmasters despite having a fear of heights and public speaking.
  5. I see the glass half full.

I'd love to hear about you! Where are you based and what brought you to the Smartsheet Community? Fun facts that can't be found on a resume or LinkedIn profile are always appreciated.