Tyler Ziomkowski - BAMF Health Sr. Project Manager

TylerZ ✭✭✭
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Hi Everyone!

My name is Tyler and I am a project manager for a new Cancer Treatment Clinic called BAMF Health. We are located in Grand Rapids, MI and we are using a new form of treatment to eliminate prostate and neuroendocrine cancer in Stage 4.

I am using Smartsheet for a ton of different applications. Primarily for Project tracking but also for reporting on open actions, project cost, etc. We are also using Smartsheet to create a set of tools for our nurses, physicians and nuclear technicians.

I love researching space and the advancements we have made in traveling, capturing images and future endeavors. I also coach lacrosse in my free time! Here's my dogs for bonus points!

Best Regards

Tyler Ziomkowski

Sr. Project Manager, BAMF Health