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Hello Everyone! I have been using Smartsheet for the four years and I have to honestly say that I just can't imagine how I managed to do my work before finding Smartsheet!! It has been a game changer in very sense of the word. I have created so many Smartsheet Solutions but one of my greatest solution has been one that I developed to monitor our new teacher Induction program within our District. It contains a "control sheet" and has many cross-sheet formulas pulling in lots of data including the Mentor Time Log hours for each new hires' mentor. This solution allows the Induction Department to ensure that we are meeting all of the State's requirements for teachers.

I absolutely love to share my solutions, not only other licensed users within our District, but others throughout the entire Smartsheet Community. I love collecting badges, networking and learning from others within the Community. The tips and tricks I have learned from others (as well as sharing a few of my own) is what makes Smartsheet Community so special!

I am also hopeful that someday soon Smartsheet ENGAGE can be back to being in person because that is where the real power lies, the networking in person with so many other like-minded people who are willing to share their ideas. I LOVE Smartsheet and Smartsheet Community!

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