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Stacey Carrasco
Stacey Carrasco ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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I'm not good at offering up my own posts to introduce myself, it's not me instead I like to work on supporting faculty and students, strategizing on best practices, and provide product feedback that my team is always saying "tell Smartsheet to do this..." You'll find me here in the community often looking for formula support and other ways to make my day to day work smarter. I'm an active webinar attender making sure not to miss out on anything new.

I work in California higher education and find it to be very fulfilling, challenging, and satisfying industry. I've been using Smartsheet now for over 5 years, I'm the team member that always says Smartsheet can do that and always promoting SS to my reluctant team members. I manage many different projects and always tease if Smartsheet goes down I'm in trouble. I appreciate the community support.

My latest greatest adventure when not behind the desk....traveling..

Thanks 😊

Senior Program Coordinator

De Anza College