Calendar Tricks - Adding and Deleting Entries from Within the Calendar View

Brent Wilson
Brent Wilson ✭✭✭✭✭
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We use the Smartsheet Calendar view to manage all of our activities for a TV show.

The issue becomes Adding and Deleting events in the Calendar View as you have to to go back to the Grid view to do it.

Here is my Workaround:

To Add Events

  1. Create a Form attached to the sheet to allow the user to create a new entry. Make sure you configure it properly how you want it.
  2. Once done open the form and copy the URL
  3. Create a Column in the Sheet Call it Something like New Record
  4. Add the formula ="{The URL You Copied}" with the URL pasted between the equals and quotes. It now puts a clickable URL in that column
    1. Note: It might be easier to do this in a notepad and not type right into smartsheet. Then simply paste the formula into the cell. It can get a bit confusing trying to click the column to edit it..
  5. Now Right Click the Cell and select Convert to Cell Formula and it will copy the formula down.
Now when you are in Calendar View and you click Edit on the event there is a URL in each entry that you can click and it will allow you to add a new entry to the calendar via the form without going back to grid view!!

To Delete Events

First Create a Duplicate Calendar File

  1. There are a few different ways to do this but I prefer this method to create the Archive Sheet
    1. Copy the Calendar File by choosing SaveAsNew
      1. Name it Something like CalendarArchive
    2. Check Sharing Options
    3. Uncheck the Automated Workflows & Alerts
    4. Uncheck Everything under Sheet Data and Formatting
  2. Note: You could SaveAsNew and then open it and delete all the data.. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE ARCHIVE SHEET AND NOT THE MAIN SHEET 

Now create the Column and the Workflow.

  1. Again create a column and call it something like "Delete Record"
  2. Chose Edit Column Properties and choose Column Type CheckBox
  4. Chose the "Move a Row to Another Sheet when Specified Criteria Met"
  5. Now Simply Choose when Delete Record is Checked Move the Specified Row to the Archive Sheet.
Now when you are in Calendar View and you click Edit there is a checkbox in each entry that you can click and it will "delete" the record you have selected.
Might take some time for the workflow to perform the action and update the calendar but my users know once they click it that it will eventually disappear

The good thing is that if a user accidentally "deletes" something you can go to the archive file and simply move it back manually by Right-clicking the row and selecting move to another sheet

** If you have been paying attention the archive sheet is missing the DeleteEvent Column.. don't worry smartsheet will automatically create it when it moves the first row over

Hope that helps some people !!

Brent C. Wilson, P.Eng, PMP, Prince2

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