Two Conditions in a CountIFS

UPDATE: I just figured it out. It was a matter of the parenthesis.

This is what works to compare two conditions in another sheet with a COUNTIFS in case anyone else is struggling with this.

=COUNTIFS({OEM Scorecard V5 Range 3}, 7,{OEM Scorecard V5 Range 5}, "Dan")

I'm trying to set up two conditions in a CountIFS formula. Each one works individually fine but I can't figure out how to combine them correctly.

I tried this:

=COUNTIFS(({OEM Scorecard V5 Range 3}, 7),({OEM Scorecard V5 Range 5}, "Dan"))

Then I tried this:

=COUNTIFS(({OEM Scorecard V5 Range 3}, 7)+({OEM Scorecard V5 Range 5}, "Dan"))

Neither of them works.

A appreciate any advice.


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