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Jeff Reisman
Jeff Reisman ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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This is me, nearly all the time. First impression is sarcastic and slightly amused, right? 100% accurate. 😁

This is also me, on the rare occasion that I'm taking something seriously. The angry eyebrows are all natural; I'm not really mad, I'm just drawn that way. (I like the first me better!)

My name is Jeff. I'm originally from the Kendall area of Miami, Florida, but in 1996 I moved to OTP Metro Atlanta. (OTP means Outside The Perimeter, the 'burbs!)

I started out here doing shipping/receiving in a small warehouse, and after a year I got fired for thinking instead of blindly following nonsensical directives. Then I landed a job with an auto insurance company. I went from being a temp in their records center, hired into customer service, to a claims data analyst position they created for me, to IT System Admin - all in the course of just 3 years - and ended up working there for 10 years total. Since then, I've worked with EDMS, ECM, Rightfax, XTCM, Salesforce, etc., across several industries including global shipping/logistics, software service, state healthcare (Medicaid,) pharmacy, and now manufacturing. In 2019 I joined my current employer, Mitsubishi Electric Trane US, which is the US market leader in ductless and VRF HVAC systems, and happens to be headquartered just a few miles from my home. When I started here, we were a $725M company, and have since grown into a $1.3B company; now I'm not one to imply causation from correlation, but you can be the judge. 😁 The world may never know just how much of that was due to what I've built in Smartsheet. 🏆️

I met my wife Kacie, an Alabama native, in 1989 when we were 15 years old, through a regional youth group here in the Southeast US. We met again in 1994, while we were both volunteering as adult chaperones at a camp program for inner city children, run by that same youth group. Despite all of our friends in common questioning her judgement, we stayed together, and after 24 years of marriage we have two young adult sons, a teenage daughter, a 6-month-old granddaughter, three rescued Siberian Huskies, and a rescued six-foot-long boa imperator snake named Julio.

As far as Smartsheet goes, I was brand new to it when I started here 3 years ago. I have since used it to create several large scale integrated solutions for collection, management, transformation, and accountability of large amounts of data.

Smartsheet has become the backbone of our product lifecycle process, enabling individuals and teams from all over the company to easily collaborate in the gathering of vital product data in one place. Previously this had been a largely disjointed process with no standard workflow, relying on Excel spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, and face-to-face verbal data transfer! We now have full accountability for data changes and history, 99% fewer errors and no lost/forgotten data, eliminated nearly all redundant data entry, and simplified data transformation. What used to take nearly a full day's work to collate and transform new product data into our corporate partner's format, with great risk of errors or missed records, now can be done in two minutes. Now nothing is missed when transferring this organized and complete product data into our inventory/financial system.

I've built solutions for our warehouse staff to track load schedules, collect and transfer serial numbers using WiFi-connected Android barcode scanners, and to display performance metrics dashboards on huge screens.

I also can easily create ticketing systems with complex automations on the fly during deployment and early use of other software solutions. Our developers use Smartsheet to easily track action items & issues, and to collect and organize documentation, when collaborating across the company or with external consultants.

Nearly all of our functional areas utilize Smartsheet's Project-type sheets as they create new functionality and best practices.

I love using Smartsheet to solve problems and to enable the improvements I come up with for our company's business processes.

I really enjoy helping community members on here as well. Helping others not only benefits them, it also gives me an opportunity to hone my own Smartsheet skills and learn new things. When I come up with answers, I don't believe it is enough to just hand someone the working formula or solution. While it may solve the user's immediate issue, if they don't know the HOW and WHY behind the answer, then they're missing out on the true value of this forum. That is why my answers almost invariably include an explanation of the cause of the problem, a tech-to-English translation of what the formula is doing or a clarification of the syntax, and many times a link to find more information on the functionality or error. My hope with this is not just to help my fellow members become more adept at Smartsheet, but to also have a helpful answer available to people encountering the same issue later who may come across the post when looking for answers.


Jeff Reisman, IT Business Analyst & Project Coordinator, Mitsubishi Electric Trane US

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