Meg Y
Meg Y ✭✭✭✭✭
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Howdy, figure that is a good way to start as I am a native Texan.

My name is Meg and I have been using Smartsheet since 2015/2016. A vendor working on a different a project brought Smartsheet to my last job. One could say that the PMO was adopting the product, some were quick to embrace and others not so much. In fact, there were still curmudgeons that expressed their dislike when I left. We can't win them all.

I was project manager and sys admin. Which really translate into I managed everything and was the SME for the entire college.

Flash forward to today, as a contractor I was tasked with developing a solution for the Digital Development and Strategy team. It is work in progress.

I love data uploader, dynamic view, and learning Jira connector. Also, work with control center some, just not as much as before.

Below is my co-worker. As you can see in the bottom picture he doesn't do much expect lie around.