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I built a sheet that includes a column for D.O.B., and another for "Age at Admission," which contains a formula. I'd also like to have a column for "Current Age" that would work through D.O.B. Not sure how to set it up. Don't think it should be too difficult, though. Any help appreciated.


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    The basic formula is something like:

    =ROUNDDOWN((TODAY() - [D.O.B.]@row) / 365.25, 0)

    This finds the number of days between today and the date of birth, and then divides by 365 and one-quarter days. (We include the .25 days to account for one leap day every 4 years.) The ROUNDDOWN function will round the number down to the nearest whole number, so if the result is 48.762 years, it will list the age as 48. You could replace the "0" at the end of the formula with 1, and that would round the age down to year and tenth of a year, so the result would be 48.7 years.

    If you want a more precise age, that's a bit more math!


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