Showing and Telling

Jake Gustafson
Jake Gustafson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Hello, my kindergartner was jacked up about show & tell this year, so I'm going to try bringing the same level of excitement to my opportunity to do the same with one of my favorite communities.

I'm Jake Gustafson and I am a Business Process Analyst at FAST Global Solutions, a manufacturing company based out of West Central Minnesota, USA with a couple plants in Southeastern Nebraska, USA. I have been here since the Fall of 2018 after a short stint in a tiny eCommerce and custom print shop and a decade with a digital mapping company.

I had not heard of Smartsheet prior to coming to FAST, but when the opportunity presented itself to consume many of its training offerings for free in 2020, I dove in head first, became an expert, and am now someone that many of my colleagues come to for support and/or ideas of how to leverage Smartsheet. It is a proud day when a colleague is running a sweat process using Smartsheet and reaping the benefits of the tool.

I've helped various departments implement Smartsheet in one way or another. From Sales, to Engineering, to Materials, to Quality, to Operations, we've got teams using intake Forms, project tracking, and we love the easy to use automation capability. Personally, I am humbled by receiving the Automagician status and hope to continue bringing that automation to ease my colleagues lives.

When I'm not Smartsheet'ing I enjoy playing hockey and softball, running, deer and pheasant hunting, CrossFit, and absorbing all the things my three young kids are getting involved in. My wife and I enjoy traveling and spent an amazing week in Iceland in 2021 and recommend it (the country) to anyone.

Below is a picture of me (two of me I guess) at Dyrhólaey Lighthouse in southern Iceland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Love them puffins!