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Edit Posts in the Community Forum

Deanna Vandermeer
Deanna Vandermeer Overachievers Alumni

It would be great if you could allow a way for us to "edit" our own posts. Occasionally a typo is noticed only after submitting the post and I feel it would be a nice addition to allow us to fix any mistakes we may come across after submitting a post.

Smartsheet Overachievers Alumni

3 votes

Available Now! · Last Updated

You can now edit Community posts for up to 4 hours after the post has been created.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 06/20/22

    Hi @Deanna Vandermeer

    Thanks for the feedback! Based on your request we have been able to increase the edit time from one hour to four hours after being posted. This should give enough time to catch any typos.

    If there are any other edits you need to make after this timeframe, please feel free to Report the post and send details to the Moderation team, we'd be happy to make those changes on your behalf. (This FAQ has more details: FAQ: How do I create, edit, or delete my post?)