Automating Summing Daily Data to Generate Monthly Total

Vinton Douglas
edited 06/20/22 in Formulas and Functions


I have a spreadsheet with data different days of each month. I need to sum the number of data so that it provides a total for each month. For example, for the month of June, I will need to sum all incoming 30 data for each day to generate a monthly total. How can I do this so that the result is generated automatically on a monthly basis?

Grateful for any help.


  • Seth Morth
    Seth Morth ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/20/22

    Ahoy Vinton,

    Definitely leverage the Sheet Summary formula option for this! I'm doing the same thing for a few projects, and this is what my formula looks like:

    =SUMIFS(OrderTotalCost:OrderTotalCost, OrderEntryDate:OrderEntryDate, AND(MONTH(@cell) = 1, YEAR(@cell) = YEAR(TODAY())))

    in the AND(MONTH(@cell) = 1 that "1" means January

    If you wanted it to be for June, it would be:

    =SUMIFS(OrderTotalCost:OrderTotalCost, OrderEntryDate:OrderEntryDate, AND(MONTH(@cell) = 6, YEAR(@cell) = YEAR(TODAY())))

    In YEAR(@cell) = YEAR(TODAY() keeps it working in the year that it is now. If you wanted it to be for last year it would be: YEAR(@cell) = YEAR(TODAY(-364)))

    Good luck!

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