Why does my formula have a "." in it when I did not put it there and cannot delete it?

I have a template that is part of a Control Centre blueprint. There is one column with a formula "=({Proj ID})" There is a another another column with a formula "=({Programme})" Both formulas point to (two different) cells in another sheet. Both are column formulas. When I look at the formula of the 2nd column, it has a . in it that possibly is the reason why that formula is not working. The 'Proj ID' formula does not a dot after it and the formula works correctly.


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    Hi @Caroline_Grimm3r

    My apologies if I've misunderstood your question, but I believe the '.' you are speaking of at the end of your formula is just the continuation of the underline that Smartsheet displays when you hover over a cell to look at a formula.

    To help better explain it, I've typed your formula into Microsoft Word:

    And once it is underlined, it looks like it has periods contained within it which is not the case, the underline is just being broken up by the brackets:

    The same 'broken up' effect occurs for me when I type it into Smartsheet:

    Where you've used this formula, is it displaying an error message in the applicable column's cells?

  • Thanks for the feedback. That doesn't fix my issue but I will persevere.

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