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Candy Vonk
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Hi All,

I'm looking for some help with trying to populate a check-in list from submission data.

I use this formula to check for the weekly submission and it brings back a value of True.

=JOIN(COLLECT({YES}, {submit date}, [test date]@row, {Name}, [Name 1]@row))

I was trying to take the answer from the above and if true make it a checkbox as that is the field. I tried it with this formula but I get "#Incorrect argument set".

=IF(AND(CONTAINS([test date]@row, {submit date})), (CONTAINS([Name 1]@row, {Name})), 0, 1)

I can accomplish the check box by using automation and changing the field if it is "true" but I have to do this for 52 weeks and I'd rather not create 52 automation rules.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2 - This has all the submission information on it but I'm focused on if the submission date and submitter match bring back the Yes field. The Yes field gets populated when the record is created.

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