Hello Smartsheet friends!


Hi all! I'm Laura and I'm a Smartsheet-aholic. As a longtime Excel Ninja, I never in a million years would have thought another tool could make me so happy. But then last year - New job, new technology, new tools, new people. I will admit that I drug my feet a bit until being nudged just the right amount by a friend and coworker. After getting an unexpected email congratulating me for reaching Automagician status, it was all over. I suddenly felt like I'd been given a magic wand and am now attempting to sprinkle the magic dust all over everything.

When I'm not Smartsheeting, you might find me at the lake, relaxing and daydreaming about Smartsheet. Or having a deep conversation with one of the pups. Anyhow, I'm so excited to be part of the community and can't wait to get some great new inspiration from you guys!