How to pull a data from another sheet after getting new information filled in by the form

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I would like to pull data from another sheet to the current sheet after someone fills in the form which has been created, for example, I share the link of the form that is created, there will be only a place to write his full name, and when this info gets to the sheet, I need that data be found in another sheet and filled in with appropriate information in the other column data. I have tried vlookup formula and it works fine the formula itself, but the information filled in the form is jumping to the other row down where the formula is not applied. how can I make that info to be in the same row where the formula is set. is there any settings that allows to do that, or maybe there is another automated things in Smartsheet that solve that kind of cases.


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    You could add a System Column (Auto-Numbering) on one sheet and then add the numbers manually on the other sheet, and then they will match up. I'd also recommend using an INDEX/MATCH structure instead if possible.

    Would that work/help?

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