Creating multiple workflow alerts based on different criterias

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I have a request update and 4 alert someone based on a certain criteria all in the same workflow, example of alert someone below. The request update workflow works by email address from columns in my Smartsheet, the 4 alert someone are set up by using a condition of looking at the Source Name (4 different ones in my file) and my telling it what specific person I want to alert that I have shared this Smartsheet with. The process seems to work for the first alert someone but it is not working for the rest. Is this not possible? I tried to use the otherwise but it does not give me an option to select a different condition.

I know a couple of work arounds that I can do instead, it's either me adding another column to manually update a contact user in each row of my Smartsheet or using a reference sheet. I was just wondering if this is possible or not first before I go to the other trouble of doing one of the two things I mentioned above. Thanks!


  • Kevin Smith
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    Hi MMiles

    It appears ( I cannot see the details ) that you have the other conditions falling under the first condition and alert.

    These will only be met if they also meet the first and any other condition above them. You can move them to the side so they are independent of the other conditions. To do this, click on the "+" above the condition and add a new conditional path. That will create another condition path to use so they do not fall under the first condition.

    I can help more if that doesn't explain everything.

    Thank you,

    Thank you,


    Happy to help if I can.

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  • MMiles
    MMiles ✭✭


    I found what you are talking about but this leads me to my next question. Reading up on conditional path it will start at the leftmost condition and if it passes it will not move to the next path, if it fails it will move right to the next conditional path and so on. My workflow is built with a request update that starts the whole workflow, this needs to pass before I alert someone. So will my alert someone fail because the request update passes?

  • MMiles
    MMiles ✭✭

    Disregard, I figured this out. I was trying to create the conditional path at the wrong position in the workflow.

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    Hi @MMiles

    I hope you're well and safe!

    Glad you got it working!

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