Can I utilize a dropdown to save me from having to manually edit my filter to see each client

I have 3 Smartsheets that are currently feeding a report (see attached screenshot). (I'm having to go the Report route rather than using a Dashboard because Dashboard don't currently allow for bi-directional editing). On each report, I am wanting to filter down my information so I see/access just one client's data at a time. The filter works fine to do that, but now I am wondering whether I need to manually create copies of that report and manually update those filters for each individual client so the correct filter is active. Not only does that take time, it also means that unless I utilize another app add-on, I would have all these separate reports, and if I wanted to make a simple edit to one report, I would have to edit all the reports (obviously something I would like to avoid).

So I would like a way to just have a dropdown or something so I can utilize this one report and toggle between seeing info for my different clients with one click.



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