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I couldn't find my solution w/in these discussions, so I wanted to share my findings to help anyone that may need it.

I have a sum formula that can equal any number, but i need the final total to be to the closest 500.

6259 = 6500

825 = 1000

I tried to embed my roundup formula with little success and the help line suggested i create a 2nd column to provide the roundup formula. I discovered the mround formula instructions and though i would prefer to imbed the formula, i'm ok w/ this 2nd column idea.

Total Wearstrip formula

=SUM([WS in Helix & Return]@row:[WS in Inside HDR]@row)

TOTAL 9227.774

Total Wearstrip - Round Up formula

=IF([Total Wearstrip]@row > 0, MROUND([Total Wearstrip]@row + 500, 500), 0)

TOTAL 9500

I had to include the if statement, because the default result was showing 500, which is incorrect.

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