How can I create a function that separates a string of words separated by commas into rows?

=JOIN(COLLECT([column1]:[column1], [column1]:[column1], ISTEXT(@cell), [column2]:[column2], =""), ", "). Right now, I have this function in my sheet summary to concatenate all strings that have text in column1 and has no text in column2.

The output it gives me looks something like "task1, task2, task3, task4, task5, task6, task7, task8, ...". The problem I need help on is using this output to create a row sheet summary with each of the tasks separated into its own row. Something like parse...

If this method doesn't work, is there a way to 1. collect all parent tasks of my project and 2. create a row sheet summary with each of the parent tasks in its own row, without having to make a function for each parent function. I want smartsheet to have the end goal of being fully autonomous even if I were to add new parent functions into the sheet.


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