Invite to comment on proof is blank

When I send a proof request to users, the page is often blank after they click on the notification link. Sometimes they see the page for a split second before it goes blank.

This is not a user error and I'm a business user so it's frustrating to get no response at all to my ticket. I had another non-user-error issue about a year ago and I never received a human response to that either. Is every SmartSheet user ignored when technical issues are faced?

I'd appreciate any help at all, just a response would be amazing!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Dawson Michael

    This definitely sounds like unexpected behaviour and reaching out to Smartsheet Support is the correct way to proceed. They'll likely need more information (such as the proof file, screen recordings, browser details, etc) to troubleshoot and get to the root cause of the issue. I will check in with Support to ensure they're received your ticket and will follow-up once I have more information.

    In the meantime, if your Proof has multiple pages, try breaking it out into single pages to see if this helps load the proof review screen.

    Thank you!